Weeki Wachee Trip Report

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Mickey Jensen | VCKC
Published Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Number of Paddlers: 58, 12 canoes, 5 tandem yaks, 17 single yaks, 5 private single yaks, 1 private canoe.

Travel Time: The trip from Southern Trace to the outfitter in Weeki Wachee was about 60-65 minutes with no difficulties or delays. Car pooling was employed well.

Boat Rentals: Boats and shuttle service were provided by Weeki Wachee Canoe Rental (352-597-0360). All equipment was in good shape, and service was efficient. We walked through the Outfitter's shop to reach the put in point. Shuttle service was quick via two vans with trailers making round trips from the take out point - a Christian camp - back to the outfitter's shop.

Weather Conditions: The early morning temperatures were a crisp 43 degrees but warmed up nicely to mid 60's. There was a slight breeze intermittently during the paddle but did not affect paddling.

The River & Terrain: The Weeki Wachee is spring fed by some 400-600 million gallons of crystal clear water daily and therefore was warmer than the air temperature. The water is aqua blue and with a white sandy bottom it is very easy to see fish and manatee swimming below our boats. The river is narrow in many places and twists and turns continually throughout the trip. The current is very noticeable, but not overwhelming, providing for a very easy paddle. Some were challenged to maintain a straight track and spent time zigzagging their way down river. All paddlers were clear of the river by 12:30 PM or so.

Wildlife sightings: A single manatee was seen eating greens along the bank and two white tail deer were spotted in the trees. A couple very brave turtles were out trying to catch some rays. A few typical river birds were seen.

Group Enjoyment & Difficulty: This was an easy paddle with the current moving us right along but does require continuous negotiation of the river. Many felt they could have paddled further and longer without tiring out.

Post Trip Lunch: We lunched at Bayport Inn. Reservations were made for the deck area but the group preferred to eat inside because of the cooler temperature. The restaurant staff was very accommodating and opened an area of the dining room for us. Service was quick and efficient. The food was good and a good value.

Mickey Jensen

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