Silver River - Florida Paddlers Rendezvous 2017

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Self-guided Paddle
Rays Wayside Park to Silver Springs and Return
Location Photo
Silver Springs in former days

Silver River Self Guided Trip Plan Click on the pdf icon to print or download a quick reference sheet for this trip.

Paddle Information


This is a self guided trip offered for those who arrive at Rendezvous 2017 on Thursday.  For more information, see the River Details section below. 

River Details and Paddle Options

Silver Springs is one of Florida's oldest tourist destinations with visitor's enjoying the crystal clear waters on the iconic glass bottom boats since the late 1800's. As a paddling experience, it has to be among the top paddling trips in Florida. Where else can you experience the world's largest natural artesian spring, wildlife in abundance including monkeys swinging in the trees…the only thing missing is Tarzan! Silver River is a tributary of the Ocklawaha River and flows with clear water for its entire distance with no intrusions of civilization along its banks.  

  • This self guided trip begins with put in/take out at Rays Wayside Park. As you paddle out the short canal turn right and paddle upstream on the Silver River. This trip involves paddling against the Silver River current but then savor your efforts with a downstream flow on your return; a true yin yang paddling experience! Since no shuttle is involved, you can paddle as far on the Silver River as you desire.

River Rating:


Scenery Rating:

Excellent; typical central Florida flora/fauna with no intrusions of civilization along the route. Beautifully clear spring fed river.

Trip Length:

10 miles total round trip; approximately 4.5 - 5 hours trip

Skill Level:

Should be able to perform forward and sweep strokes, basic sculling stroke, with good balance/stability in the boat.  Should possess some experience in light to moderate current and with navigation around deadfall, with ability to paddle steadily for about 4 hours.


Strong current as you travel upstream and consistent downstream flow

Wind Impact/Issues:


Location Information

Locations, Directions and Times

Launch Time:

Put-In Location:
Rays Wayside Landing

Map and Directions * :

Put-In Location:
and Take-out Location:
(Both Paddle Options)

Rays Wayside Park
9570 NE 28th Ln
Silver Springs, FL 34488
Parking Fee:  $5.00

Map and Directions * :

Rest Rooms:

Available at Rays Wayside Landing

*Maps caution : The above coordinates and routes have been reviewed for accuracy in Google Maps.  If you choose to use another internet mapping service (e.g.Yahoo or Bing) or your in-car GPS system, please enter the provided geographic coordinates (i.e. latitude/longitude), rather than street address, to be sure of reaching the correct location.  (Different mapping systems may interpret street addresses unpredictably.)

Personal Equipment

It is each participant's own responsibility to come properly equipped for safety and comfort.

Mandatory Items

  • Personal Flotation Device  (provided by outfitter with rentals) VCKC and the COAST GUARD require members to wear a PFD during the trip; the  PFD must be worn correctly at all times :  Buckled, zipped, etc., not hanging open
  • Whistle (provided by outfitter with rental) required by Coast Guard

Recommended Items

  • Water (minimum - 2 quarts of water per person)
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Rescue rope (minimum 10 ft)
  • Bailer and sponge