Rainbow River - Florida Paddlers Rendezvous 2017

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KP Hole County Park to Dunnellon City Boat Ramp

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  Rainbow River

Rainbow River Trip Plan Click on the pdf icon to print or download a quick reference sheet for this trip.

Paddling Destination Details

Rainbow River

Rainbow River is a major tributary of the Withlacoochee River and Rainbow Springs is one of the major springs in Florida. During the summer months, the Rainbow is invaded by an armada of tubers enjoying the cool clear waters; however, we should have minimal tubers during our visit. This paddle outing will travel the entire length of Rainbow River and a small passage along the Withlacoochee River. Unlike the other spring fed rivers that you will enjoy during the Rendezvous, the Rainbow has housing development along most of the west bank and bordered on the east bank by the Rainbow River State Park. Although it does not offer a true "wilderness" feel, it still is an enjoyable outing!

The KP Hole put in is not located at the headspring area, so if you want to paddle the entire length of the Rainbow, you have to paddle 1.5 miles upstream against the current to visit the head spring.

River Rating : Easy paddling

Scenery Rating : Excellent; beautiful spring clear water.

Trip Length : 7.9 miles, 4.5 hours

Skill Level : Beginner.  Should be able to perform forward and sweep strokes, basic sculling stroke, with good balance/stability in the boat.  Should possess some experience in light to moderate current and with navigation around deadfall, with ability to paddle steadily for about 3 hours.   

Wind Impact/Issues : Minimal

Current : Good current depending on rainfall.

Locations, Directions and Times

Put-In Location:  
KP Hole County Park
9435 SW 190 Ave
Dunnellon, FL 34432

Access Fee: $5 per person

Note: Park vehicles in parking lot on west side of SW 190th Avenue Rd. The park closes at 5 PM and vehicles parked inside fenced parking area risk being locked in after park closure.
Shuttle Departure Times:
9 AM and 10 AM
Distance from The Silver Springs State Park Parking Lot:
29 miles, approximately 45 minutes travel time.
29.087288, -82.429065

Rest Rooms Availability:

Put-in and Take-out

Take-out Location:
Dunnellon Public Boat Ramp
12189 South Williams St
Dunnellon, FL 34432

29.046348, -82.464749

Shuttle Directions:

KP Hole County Park to Dunnellon Public Boat Ramp
Distance from Put-In:

4.2 miles; approximately 10 minutes travel time
Map and Directions:
29.374297, -81.902123

Note: Please use Google Maps as the default Internet mapping service for trip location and routing. Usage of other Internet mapping services (i.e. Yahoo, Bing, etc.) may result in possible incorrect addresses using the street address location. The use of geographic coordinates (i.e. latitude/longitude) will provide correct location regardless of Internet mapping services.

Trip Shuttle Logistics

All participants meet at Silver Springs State Park main parking lot (SW corner) for shuttle meetup and departures at designated times. 5656 East Silver Springs Blvd, Siler Springs, Florida

Meeting Location: 29.213917, -82.056189

Shuttles will be coordinated by each group leader
Renters drive to outfitter who will shuttle you to Put In.
We will leave as many cars as possible at the Take Out and shuttle back to the Put In.


Rentals must be arranged directly with the outfitter, on a first-come, first-served basis. Members should make reservations before signing up for the trip to make sure a kayak is available. Be sure you let them know you are participating in the Florida Paddle Rendezvous.


Rainbow River Canoe & Kayak

(352) 489-7854

Equipment & Costs:

  • Single kayaks - $33.00
  • Tandem - $44.00

Credit Cards are accepted.

Price includes boat rental, paddle, PFD and personal transportation to put in.

Please be aware of the outfitter's cancellation policy so you do not incur costs for not showing.

Personal Equipment

It is each participant's own responsibility to come properly equipped for safety and comfort.

Mandatory Items

  • Personal Flotation Device  (provided by outfitter with rentals) VCKC and the COAST GUARD require members to wear a PFD during the trip; the  PFD must be worn correctly at all times :  Buckled, zipped, etc., not hanging open
  • Whistle (provided by outfitter with rental) required by Coast Guard

Recommended Items

  • Water (minimum - 1 quart of water per person)
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Rescue rope (minimum 10 ft)
  • Bailer and sponge