Rainbow River Tubing Report

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Tad Bowen
Published Friday, August 29, 2008

Trip Report - Rainbow River Tubing
Date: August 25, 2008
Location: Rainbow Springs, Dunnellon, Fl
Number of Particiapnts: 42 
Boats:  Tubing Trip

Travel Time from the Villages: 45 Minutes


Trip Length -  2.5 miles
Boat Rentals - Dragonfly Outfitters (single and double tubes and individual rafts)

Weather Conditions. Beautiful morning float with clear skies and temperatures in low to mid 80's


The Paddle: What a relaxing, fun, and wonderful day we had tubing down a two plus mile stretch of the Rainbow River in Dunnellon. Despite the runoff from Tropical Storm Fay, which raised the water level a foot or so, the water was clear, clean, and a cool but very comfortable 72 degrees. Forty two of us floated down the river under a bright, sunny, and blue sky. The river also offered some shade for those who wanted it. Watching everyone get into their tubes in the beginning and start the float looked like bumper tubes; very funny. There were several trouble makers, and I won't name them, that had water gun fights, while others had a splashing duel. There were even a couple of people who played a game of catch. We did have members who brought their snorkel gear and explored underwater as they traveled down stream. Fun, fun, fun. Since this was the first time our Club did a non kayak/canoe trip, we hope all of you had a good time beating the summer heat. Please let us know if you enjoyed it..
Passing Scenery: This is a beautiful stretch of river. While there are homes on the west side of the river, very little activitiy made it a relaxing and enjoyable float. Crystal clear waters made underwater viewing for fish species easy. Restrictions on what you can carry on the river keep this a pristine area for all to enjoy.    


Wildlife Sightings: While there wasn't much wildlife to see, some of us did see an alligator swimming from one side of the river to the other, an otter, turtles, various birds and fish.


Group Enjoyment and Difficulty Rating: Many commented that this was a great alternative for a water activity during the hottest months of the year. The difficulty may have been staying awake as the slow current, gentle rocking of the tubes and occassional breezes lured you toward sleep! 


Lunch Stop: 

After a very relaxing time on the river, most of us then went to the Charlie Horse Restaurant for a good and well deserved lunch. Because the restaurant is normally closed on Tuesday's, they were very accommodating to our group by opening just for us. While the restaurant planned for 40 plus, only 30 members joined us for lunch. This is a problem our new Pay Pal system will have to overcome for future trips. Our previous system provided a method to identify those joining us for lunch after paddles. We will get this resolved for future trips.

Respectfully submitted,
Tad Bowen

Last update Friday, September 5, 2008

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Unknown on 9/5/2008 4:16am
Dick and I had a really fine time! Kudos to the organizers!
Donna Curtis
Unknown on 9/3/2008 7:12am
I thought that this was a great trip and hopefully we do more of them in the future.
Tom Lauterborn