2019 Paddling Film Festival - Sun Mar 31, 2019

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Published Tuesday, February 26, 2019

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The 2019 Paddling Film Festival will be hosted in central Florida by The Villages Canoe & Kayak Club. This is the only Florida venue for the paddling film festival!  This event is open to all residents of planet Earth!


Jim Zoschenko

(352) 603-7238


Festival Details

The Paddling Film Festival  will showcase short length films from around the world.  It has been an annual event since 2006 and is being shown in more than 120 worldwide locations.  Each year films are submitted by filmmakers and only the best make the cut to be shown at the festival.  Films will highlight all types of paddling activities from calm relaxing waterway landscapes, kayaking and canoeing tripping, and paddling adventures that push the extremes. No matter your boat of choice there will be films that will appeal to your watersports activity lifestyle.  

We are hosting the 2019 Paddling Film Festival to showcase these fantastic films as a fund raiser for the Silver Springs Alliance.  Silver Springs Alliance is a non-profit organization whose goal is to ensure the protection of a healthy aquatic ecosystem at Silver Springs for future generations.

Proceeds to be donated to Silver Springs Alliance.

Film Details

From 26 films to choose from, we have selected some really great films. Film run times listed.  Click on the film title to see trailer.

  • Lost Springs- Twenty springs have been flooded by the creation of the Rodman Reservoir on the Ocklawaha River.  Every 5 years the reservoir draw-down occurs draining the reservoir revealing the springs. This enchanting film explores these "lost springs".  FL- USA - (35 min)

  • Feel of Vision (Documentary Winner) - Lonnie Bedwell, a former Navy Petty Officer turned extreme adventure athlete, became the first blind person to whitewater kayak the entire length of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in a solo kayak. Lonnie previously described his blindness as a wall that prevented him from moving forward and living a full life. "Kayaking acted as a door and that opened to the whole world". (23 min 40 sec)

  • Frontier of Firsts (Adventure Travel Winner) - Follow the experiences of a whitewater kayaker and an Alaskan bush pilot during a kayaking expedition in southern Alaska. Similarities in their passions emerge as the two work together to explore three previously unrun rivers. (11 min 33 sec)

  • King of Manhattan Lap - With more than 70 laps under his belt, there is something about circumnavigating Manhattan by sea kayak that keeps drawing Kenny Unser back. (03 min 48 sec)

  • We Are Send (Whitewater Winner) - This is the story of Send and what you can accomplish with a great set of friends. It has been a crazy two years since four friends formed Send and this crew is looking forward to plenty more. (04 min 24 sec)

  • Junk Paddle (Instructional Winner) - You can buy a paddle or the wood to make a paddle, but what about making a paddle from junk? Collecting rubbish wood between a train station and office, this is the story of a junk-made paddle. (11 min 56 sec)

  • Twice in a Life Time - Chris Castro of Next Level Fishing TV has captured some of the first evidence showing the possibility of catching sailfish off the Texas coast in a kayak. Launching off the beach and boating a sail is the holy grail of kayak fishing for Texans, and you're invited to enjoy this twice-in-a-lifetime sailfish record in Corpus Christi, Texas. (14 min 06 sec)

  • Bear Ears - When two paddlers head out on a backpacking and packrafting trip to explore Utah's Bears Ears National Monument, the protected area created by President Barack Obama and recently slashed by Donald Trump, they discover a political battle epitomizing the strange culture war sweeping the nation. (25 min 57 sec) 

  • Metro Phopia (Sea Kayaking Winner) - A team of French/Swiss mountaineers set off on a 170-kilometer kayak journey to discover one of the largest bigwalls in Greenland, the west face of the Tommelfinger. On arrival, they discover an unclimbed 2000-meter-high cliff. Far from civilization, they open up the Metrophobia route in only seven days with very little equipment and in fantastic conditions. They then set off home aboard their kayaks and head towards the climax of their adventure. (28 min 43 sec)

  • Going Solo (Short Film Winner) - A story about a solo kayaker's special bond with a river after almost drowning. Follow Andrew Kellett on his whitewater journey as he makes peace with Cape Town's Witte River and introduces his son to the challenges of going up against nature. (5 min 38 sec)

  • The Passage (Canoeing Winner) - In 1974, Nate Dappen's 20-year-old parents and uncle Andy built their own canoes, launched them into the Pacific, and became some the first people in modern history to canoe from Washington to Alaska up the Inside Passage. In the summer of 2017, Nate and his brother renovated the canoes and with aging parents completed the 1974 journey. The Passage is a story about the dreams of aging brothers, fathers and sons, and the wild places that define us. (25 min 28 sec)

  • Waterway Jay - In 2017, Jay Gustafson launched Paddle for Progress, a two-year, 4,300-mile personal journey to reconnect humanity with one of our most precious resources. It took him to the most remote and least visited corners of Minnesota, as well as through nearly every major community in the state. Waterway Jay is the story of this one man's journey to save water, and how we are connected to it all. (05 min 43 sec)

  • Glenn Canyon Rediscovered - Chronicles a 350-mile sea kayak journey to the remote and lost wonders of Glen Canyon, the "place no one knew". Glen Canyon was flooded by the damming of the Colorado River and creation of Lake Powell.  With recent western states droughts, the lake level has dropped significantly revealing the resurrected beauty and forgotten cultural wonders of Glen Canyon. (28 min 39 sec)

Paddling Gear

Aardvark's Florida Kayak Company has generously donated some great paddling gear to The Villages Canoe & Kayak Club.  We have an assortment of stuff ranging from kayak spray skirts, kayak cockpit covers, paddling clothes and kayak car carriers.  The kayak spray skirts and cockpit covers are sized to specific boats. We will have a fit list of skirts and covers.

Pick what you want, first come first served, if you like what you see, grab it and please consider a donation to Silver Springs Alliance Donation Jar for the item(s) you select.

Get here early to get the best selection!

50/50 Drawing

Purchase 1 ticket for $1 or 6 tickets for $5.  Winning ticket gets 50% of money and remaining 50% goes to Silver Springs Alliance.

Silver River Guided Paddle Trip

Festival patrons are invited to contact Marianne Marcoux (Board Member for Friends of Silver Springs State Park) at marmar58.mc@gmail.com to schedule a two hour guided paddle on the iconic Silver River the day of the Film Festival.  You can sign up for a 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, or 1:00 slot.  A River Patrol will meet you at your reserved time at our launch site.  Bring your own kayak or rental kayaks and canoes available on location.

Location Information

Locations, Directions and Times




Mulberry Grove Recreation Center
American Room
8445 SE 165th Mulberry Lane
The Villages, FL 32162

$5.00 per person*
*Includes free One Day Florida State Park Pass with each ticket sold
  (Limited Quantity)
* Includes free Digital subscription to Paddling Magazine

Sold at the door

5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

28.981402, -82.013186



Nearby Restaurants

Artman Country Smokehouse
6900 SE 165th St.
Summerfield, FL  34491
GPS: 28.982298, -82.038136
(352) 307-6240
  •  Highly rated BBQ

Beef O' Brady's
8720 SE 165th Mulberry Ln
The Villages, FL  32162
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(352) 259-1536

Cody's Original Roadhouse
8761 SE Hwy 42
The Villages, FL  32162
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(352) 205-7797

Sammy Joe's Pizzeria Café
8760 SE 165th Mulberry Ln
The Villages, FL  32162
GPS: 28.980180, -82.007469
(352) 633- 1949

Let Us Know If Your Coming

If you are interested in attending the 2019 Paddling Film Festival, please drop us an email at tripmaster@vckc.net so we can get an idea on how many people will be attending. We will send you email updates on the festival. Thanks, we respect your privacy and will not share your email address!



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