Chassahowitzka River Trip Report

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Ted, Al | VCKC
Published Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Approximately 30+ club members took advantage of these extra trips which were outfitted by Brack and Matt. Ted lead the group on the chilly morning of the 14th but it had warmed up nicely by the time they put in about 10:15 AM. The group was split between the outfitters to minimize group congestion by exploring different sections of this magnificent southern river.

Ted joined Matt's group for a journey paddling into some hidden recesses of the river. While wildlife was not as abundant as hoped, some did spot a Bald Eagle or two as well as Cormorants, Herons and Wood Ducks. Matt led the group to a hidden alcove where they left the boats to hike through a small stream for 100 yards or so to a very out-of-the-way spring boil. While walking one member spotted a small Water Moccasin hiding in the water under a twig, Matt kept an eye on it and explained that these snakes are not aggressive but will not back down if provoked.

As we entered the boil area, club members were already swimming and trying out a rope swing hanging from a large oak tree. For about 20 minutes, we were all kids again and commonly agreed that this stop was the high point of our trip.

We left there to continue our adventure to take in the deep beauty of the Chass, spending about 3 hours on the river. The wind was only a factor at times and on the wider portions. Temperatures warmed up nicely and we managed to beat a brief shower that threatened us for the later part of the trip.

We met up with Brack's group just before the Take-Out, and reports were that his party enjoyed exploring the different hidden treasures introduced them.

Al accompanied a slightly smaller group on the 15th, when the weather was a tad warmer to start, and absolutely delightful for the paddle. Although neither group jumped ship to go swimming, everyone was very pleased with the wonders of the Chassahowitzka River, a place of seemingly endless surprises.

Our post trip lunch at Crackers in Crystal River was very good, and the end of a near perfect day of paddling and friendship.

Be sure to count Ted & Al in for the next visit to this wonderful river!

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