PO Box 184
Oxford, FL, 34484-0184 

Revisions accepted May 15, 2012  


The organization shall be known as The Villages Canoe and Kayak Club, located in The Villages, Florida.   The club meeting location is the room named The Parlor at the Colony Cottage Recreation Center.  The club's mailing and email addresses are stated above.



The purpose of the Organization is to provide information and to facilitate the enjoyment of Florida's waters by Canoe and Kayak for interested members, and to promote fellowship among club members who share this common interest.



Section 1.  Membership is open to any resident of The Villages who possesses a valid Village ID card and has basic paddling skills defined as having the ability

-- to properly enter and exit a boat without assistance
-- to successfully launch without assistance
-- to perform an assisted rescue in the event of a capsize

The Club's Board of Directors has the authority to impose membership levels and will notify the general membership when changes are made.  Prospective members must complete the membership application on the Club's website and printout a copy of the Village Recreation Liability Waiver.  All steps outlined on the website must be completed and dues paid via Paypal to activate Club membership

Section 2.  Each year the club's Board of Directors will determine annual dues for the following membership year.  Normally, annual memberships are for 12 months beginning on May 1st and ending on April 30th of the following year.  Members joining after May 1st are still subject to paying the annual dues with an April 30th expiration. Dues are not prorated.

Section 3.  All members must execute a continuing waiver/hold harmless agreement in favor of the club, the club's directors, officers and leaders, the general membership and The Villages CDD-RADD and its Recreation Department. 

Section 4.  All members agree to abide by the club's Members Guide, outlining the policies and procedures under which the club operates.  This document is available on the club's website ( )

Section 5.  Guests of club members are eligible to participate in non-paddling club events providing their participation does not affect a club member's ability to participate in an event. Guests must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid Villages or Guest ID, issued by The Villages, and abide by the entire Club's rules and policies including signing of club waiver.


Section 1.  The Officers of the Club shall be elected at the Annual Meeting held in March of each year.  All interested club members will submit their interests to include the specific position they are interested in to any club officer.  The general membership in attendance at the March meeting will submit a hand vote for each candidate with the majority ruling. The elected officials will begin their duties effective May 1st of each year.  Resignation of board members is considered effective upon receipt of the notification unless a mutually agreeable effective date is given.  Upon notification of resignation, the board will notify the general membership of the change and solicit replacements whose offer will be considered for approval by the BOD. 

The Club's Officers will consist of its President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  Their duties follow:

President- Conducts the monthly meetings; oversees other Officers to ensure that each position is being actively filled, and that the incumbents are complying with the general duties outlined in these By-Laws.  Acts as Chair of the Board of Directors (BOD) and has the deciding vote on issues presented to and by the BOD.  Ensures that an annual review of the Treasurer's documents are performed to attest to the accuracy of the club's financial records.  Ensures that the BOD meets periodically or as needed to discuss and rule on club issues; this includes, at a minimum, club policies, procedures, rules and any concerns or questions raised by club members.  Ensures that planned club trips and club events are adequately planned and executed. Provides oversight of the club Website. Prepares or approves the agenda for club general membership meetings as discussed in Article VIII below.

Vice President(VP)- Position to be filled based on availability of applicants as well as determination of need by the BOD.  The VP shall have such duties as the Board and/or President may direct and shall assume the powers of the President as needed. 

Treasurer- Has fiduciary responsibilities for Club monies.  This includes depositing funds collected for the Club's official functions such as:  Canoe and Kayak trips, Membership Dues, 50/50 raffles and other collections approved by the BOD. Performs a monthly reconciliation of Bank Records to check register and provides a summary of financial activities and balances to the BOD and at monthly membership meetings. Manages the Club's PayPal account and reports payments to the Trip leader for trip reconciliation. Is the primary official for making monthly deposits into the Clubs bank account and in disbursing checks for sanctioned functions. Is responsible, based on BOD approval, for establishing alternate officials who are authorized to deposit funds, make disbursements and reconcile financial records as needed. The Treasurer shall have such other duties as the Board and/or President may direct.

Secretary- Has the primary responsibility to prepare and maintain records of the topics discussed and decisions agreed upon at BOD meetings and at general membership meetings.  Will provide a brief summary of this at the end of each BOD meeting to ensure agreement by each attending BOD member and other club officials who attended these meetings and to distribute via email the more formal draft document to each club official for their approval or editing comment prior to final submission, again to each club official for final approval.  Once final approval is obtained, the Secretary will post the document in the applicable section of the Club's website.  The Secretary shall have such other duties as the Board and/or President may direct.

Section 2.  The Board of Directors shall consist of the four (4) Club officers, Webmaster and Trip Planner who shall be responsible for the leadership of the affairs, property, activities, policies and interest of the Club.  While input from the Webmaster and Trip Planner will be sought,  only the Club officers will have voting authority with the President or VP acting as President having final decision authority.  They shall meet periodically as determined by any Board Member.  A quorum is determined to be present whenever a majority of Board Members are in attendance and any actions adopted at such meetings shall be recorded by the Club's Secretary and recorded as action of the Board as if the entire Board were in attendance. As needed, the President may appoint a duly qualified Club Member to fill any unexpired term of a member of the Board until the next Annual Election or Special Election at a general membership meeting.  Duties of the Webmaster and Trip Planner follow:

Webmaster- Responsible for maintaining, updating and overseeing the posting of club events on the club's website as provided by the designated club official.  Provides advise and assistance to club officials on computer related issues and concerns.  Is authorized based on BOD approval to acquire needed software products or other related systems.

Trip Planner- Responsible for planning monthly trips (paddles) and presenting recommendations to the other BOD members for approval.  To the extent possible, at the beginning of each year (May), trips will be planned for the entire year so as to provide timely notification to Club members on upcoming paddles.  Performs or assigns to Trip Coordinators the work involved in planning trips. This includes making contact with sources for renting canoes and/or kayaks, obtaining the boat inventories available for each trip, determining the rental prices for the boats, recommending post-trip restaurants, preparing the Trip Reports in the prescribed format, and being the responsible Club representative on the day of the trip.  Is authorized to conduct planning trips with outfitters and to the waters being considered for future trips and is authorized reimbursement of reasonable expenses (such as travel and equipment rental expenses) which will be summarized and presented to the Club's President and VP for approval before submission to the Club's Treasurer for payment.  Will coordinate needed functions with the designated Trip Leader and Club Treasurer for each trip to ensure they know all aspects of each trip (Location, time, costs, list of members attending etc.)  Has the responsibility to brief the general membership at each meeting on upcoming trips and report on recently completed trips. 



Trip Leader- Performs pre-trip coordination with the Trip Planner to ensure full understanding of the requirements of the trip they will lead.  Will be identified to Club Members at the membership meeting immediately prior to the trip as well as be listed in that trip's Destination Report.  Will be the sole club official having “on-the-spot” coordination with the Outfitter on the day of the trip to coordinate events and to resolve any issues that may arise. 

Membership Coordinator- Responsible for overseeing new member orientation to ensure full understanding of the Club membership requirements and Club policies and procedures. Coordinates volunteers assigned as new member greeters.  Answers questions about the Club and process the membership application and waiver of liability form ensuring all information is complete and legible.  Responds to the email account on a timely basis.  . . Coordinates the annual renewal process with the BOD and ensures the website is set up for the renewal payment process. Provides membership reports to the BOD upon request.



The Board shall determine what Committees would be beneficial for the Club's operation and shall designate a Board Member to oversee that committee, recruit committee members and report of its outcome to the Board for their decision determination. 



General membership meetings are held every month on the third Tuesday of that month. Meetings will begin at 2:30 PM and end no later than 3:45 PM.  Arrangements may be made for guest speakers, instruction or other club related topics. 



Sanctioned Events include:

Monthly canoe and/or kayaking trips that are open to the general membership.  The number and type (canoe and/or kayaking) is primarily limited by membership demand, the availability of trip leaders and the availability of outfitters equipment to meet club requirements. These trips may be one or multiple days.  Responsible officials are the Trip Planner and Trip Leader.


Safety and Training Demonstrations typically conducted by experienced outfitters and based on membership demand and outfitter availability.  Responsible official(s) are the BOD or other designated club member.


Club parties open to the general membership and one guest.  Attendance may be limited based on demand and size of facility.  Club funds may be used to offset costs based on approval by the Board.  Responsible official(s) may be a Board Member, designated committee or other club volunteers.


Encouraged and permitted club events:

The Club encourages its members to take advantage and enjoy paddling opportunities on area waters whether they own their own canoe and/or kayak or rent these boats.  Interested members may organize their own trips and use the applicable club website to advertise trips. The Club, however, bears no responsibilities for these trips.



Upcoming Club events will be posted on the Club's website and information given as to how interested club members can participate in these events. 

Member's payments for events will be made via the website and Paypal.

Members are responsible to read the posted Destination report (trip plan) and determine their ability (technical and physical) to participate and complete the trip.

Cancellation Policy is 48 hours prior to the scheduled event to ensure a refund.  If a member needs to cancel after sign-up, a 10% fee with be applied. Should an outfitter/concessionaire have a cancellation policy that requires more than 48 hours notice that policy will take precedence.   

Participants are expected to be on time at the designated departure point and have a copy of the posted travel directions. The trip leader will not provide printouts or directions.

Safety rules and directions.  The club requires all trip participants wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) and whistle while in their canoes/kayaks on club trips. Should a trip participant choose not to wear a PFD, he/she will not be eligible for participation in future club trips until an agreement is given to properly wear a PFD on club trips. The Club does not allow alcoholic beverages while on the waters.  State and Federal waters also have restrictions prohibiting alcohol, plastic containers, Saran type wraps and certain types of disposable water containers. When these restrictions are known, they will be posted on that trips Destination Report.  Pre-trip safety and informational instructions by the Trip Leader will be adhered to. 

Trip Participants are expected to maintain an adequate pace to ensure completion of the trip within the designated time limits.

The Trip Planner, trip leader, and other Board members will monitor weather conditions prior to and up to the morning of the planned events and if the stormy weather is forecasted in the area of the event, contact will be made with the outfitter for a go or no-go determination. Club members will be advised of the status of the event via emails, website postings and possibly by telephone. Should an event be canceled it will be rescheduled within a reasonable period of time. Those members scheduled to go on the original event will be given first option to reschedule. It is possible that club members on the wait-list or all club members will be notified of the rescheduled trip and the number and types of open boats available for possible back-fill. 

Club Members are responsible to arrange for any needed partners on a trip as well as any transportation needs.

All club members agree to abide by the club's policies and procedures and be current with membership dues to be considered a member in good standing.  Noncompliance of these policies may result in dismissal from the club without refund of dues.



These By-Laws may be amended at any Meeting. The proposed changes will be posted on the Club's website at least 30 days prior to the date of the next monthly general membership meeting and a hand count will be conducted regarding acceptance of the changes.  The amendments shall become effective upon adoption by a majority of the Members' vote.